Hiking is so much more than exercise for the Body…

Walking is a practice that is immensely beneficial for attuning our Mind…

Walking in natural spaces is expansive and soothing for our Hearts…

Hiking is what we call the act exploring the wonders of the environment, free from the hustle and bustle of humanity.

This is where we learn to be explorative, settled, invigorated, contemplative, rejuvenated and joyful...

In the region surrounding Tucson, we have discovered many trails which offer us diversity of terrain and experience. We endeavor to share these places with you and enjoy the many gifts of hiking together. We hope you discover a respite from your normal daily life, and the excitement of seeing this gorgeous desert in a new way.

Walking can also be a meditation, and this land is the perfect arena to practice. We can help guide you in this way if it interests you to try.

Whether you are visiting the Southern Arizona region for the first time or tenth time, we can offer you a hike, and an experience, to meet your needs.

We believe spending time in the wilderness is paramount for a complete Tucson visit!

This is what you can expect on an H&B Hike:

  • We offer guided hikes for all ages and experience levels

  • Our hiking options range from 2 hour to 6 hours (excluding drive-time)

  • Door to door transportation provided by our comfortable, air conditioned vehicle.

  • Healthy, organic and gluten free snacks provided for the trail, as well as filtered clean water in reusable, sanitized bottles

  • Our hikes will be taken at your pace! You will be instructed on the nature of the hike and your guide will be there to answer questions and share knowledge along the way. You might learn the names of plants, birds, critters, and rocks. You will learn geology, ecology, history and personal nature integration. The joy is truly in the journey.

  • You will enjoy peaceful reflection, invigorating exercise, and the freedom of open space.

  • We are CPR certified and Wilderness Responder Trained. We have spent many years in this region and believe in being prepared for all natural occurrences. We believe in Safety and Wellness First!

ash with a bounty of Huckleberries, August 2015

ash with a bounty of Huckleberries, August 2015

Ash 'GrayOwl' Tallmadge

Ash Tallmadge is a trained naturalist and outdoor enthusiast. She grew up in the wilds of Wyoming hiking, climbing, fishing, birding and skiing. She guides professional wildlife tours in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park in the summer season and returns to her second homeland here in the desert for the fall,winter and spring. She spent years re-acquainting herself with New Mexico public lands and learning to guide guests into fully experiencing the natural world. Now, in Arizona, her top value remains to engage in the learning/teaching cycle of the wilderness.