Wonderful experience

Ash took us on a hike in the Catalina mountains on our second day in Tucson. This experience far surpassed what we expected. We have never been to Tucson before and not only did Ash share with us all the unique plants that live here, she told stories of living in the wild that actually inspired us. She helped us learn about how we fit in to nature and are not separate from it. She really helped us see hiking in a new way. We will never forget this experience. Thanks Ash!

-Geoff and Magnolia

November 2018

Brady Caan and Fam

Ash took us to Otowi Peak, a small volcanic hill about 40 minutes outside of Santa Fe. There was no skiing on the Mountain at Santa Fe and thankfully our hotel concierge had recommended a hiking tour for myself and my family (wife, 2 kids 14 and 15). Ash was very accommodating for us every step of the way, providing us all we needed to have a good afternoon out. It was sunny and warm out there, and lovely to be out in the desert. Ash gave us great information about the area, things we would have never known otherwise. She made us a great lunch and catered to our dietary needs (her hummus is awesome!). Overall, she was fun and gracious, and put up with us slogging up that ridge! We would recommend her to anyone looking for something different in the City Different. 

Alan & Debbie Fletcher July 11, 2017

Recommendation for Ash, Hearts and Bones; 

The very best way to get to know the Santa Fe area when you visit is to truly enjoy the varied landscape while learning about the area and her people. 

Ash grew up hiking, traveling and learning. Her love for the area is deeply rooted. Her enthusiasm and dedication to help you have the best experience is wonderful and refreshing. We booked a hike with Ash to Nambe Lake. It is a long and strenuous hike but she broke it down into smaller accomplishments and encouraged me (Debbie) to see what I could do. Guess what? Not only did I make it to the top, (never doubted my husband's ability, only mine), I was thrilled that I did it!! 

Honestly, it was the best day of our vacation, hands down! Alan and I recommend Hearts and Bones without reservation.